Teeth/ Tooth Replacement

Gum disease, tooth decay, injury, or a genetic condition, etc can be reasons behind a missing tooth/teeth.
There are different treatments available to replace a lost tooth/ teeth or to make adjustments to the overall appearance of your mouth.


Dental implants are the most advanced procedure in fixed dental replacement. Dental implants are small, titanium screws that are surgically placed within your jawbone beneath your gum line. This screw will fuse with your jawbone, creating a stable foundation for your tooth restoration. Dental implants also support multiple missing teeth with a bridge and secure dentures as well.
Can be used as-  
  1. Single dental implant.
  2. Implant-supported bridge
  3. Implant retained denture/ all in 4 dental implants
  • The biggest advantage is that the replacement tooth resembles a natural tooth and can last for decades.
  • Nearby teeth are not involved (like with bridge) so the rest of your teeth will remain intact.


  • Single tooth implants are one of the best solutions for one missing tooth.
  • The single-tooth implant consists of three parts; the implant post which replaces the tooth root, the abutment which supports the crown, and the prosthetic crown itself.
  • The crown is either cemented onto the abutment or held in place with a screw.
  • Implants are biocompatible to the tissues of the mouth, therefore, they don’t cause any side effects in the oral cavity. 


  • Multiple teeth implants provide a firm base to the spaces of the missing tooth inside the patient’s mouth.
  • Multiple teeth implants are placed individually at each of the missing teeth locations. Therefore, the implants do not interfere with the functioning of each other.
  •  Patients can apply normal forces while chewing like the same as those with natural teeth.


  • All 4 dental implants technology is one of the latest innovations in the field of dental implants.
  • The main idea behind this modern dental implants technology is that fewer implants are required to keep the denture intact in the patient’s mouth
  • The base of the denture is made up of four implants which are placed at approximate distances from each other to ensure proper stabilization of the denture.
  • It requires comparatively less bone as the four implants take care of the entire denture.
  • You can opt for all 4 dental implants, in the case of bone loss also.
  • If you have twelve or more than twelve missing teeth and want to get them replaced then all in 4 dental implants are the best treatment option in your case.
  • So, if you are opting for dentures for both the arches, then you will require eight implants, in their type of dental implants.


Dental crowns referred to a tooth-shaped cap that is fixed on the tooth to restore its size, shape, and appearance artificially. It is needed on the damaged tooth due to decay, accident, and trauma. They are a great replacement to the natural crown and works in all ways that of a healthy and natural cron and also look like one. On the other hand, a bridge helps to fill the gap between the teeth. 
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Dental Crowns

  • Dental crowns are commonly known as caps are placed on top of damaged teeth/tooth or root canal-treated teeth.
  • Crowns are used to protect, cover, and restore the shape of your teeth when dental filling doesn’t solve the problem.
  • Can be made out of metals, porcelain fused metal gold, all ceramics, or all-porcelain.
  • It requires two-three visits to the dentist.


  • Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They have two crowns one on either end and a bridge of replacement teeth that rest in the area of the gums where there is tooth loss.
  • Just like dental crowns, can be made out of metals, porcelain fused to metal, gold, all ceramics, or all-porcelain.
  • It usually requires three to four visits.


Full mouth dentures are removable replacements for both of your upper and lower teeth or just upper or lower teeth. They are referred to as traditional dentures. In this, a flesh colors base is made with real-looking artificial teeth to fit over the gums. The foundation of the upper denture covers the upward side of your mouth which is also called the palate, and the lower denture appeared like a horseshoe so it doesn’t clash with the tongue. 
Dentures are tailor-made in our lab from internal impressions taken of your mouth. As compared to a complete fixed denture anchored by implants, traditional dentures can take less time to get in the habit and may feel an uncomfortable couple of weeks in the starting. They should be removed daily for cleansing and may sometimes need the use of adhesives. 
They require to be maintained, relined, or remade over time as per normal wear. They are sensitive and care should be taken to make sure they don’t dry out. Also, they need to be kept in room temperature tap water or a denture cleanser solution at all times while they are not in the mouth. 
We at Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa understand that every patient is different so is their problem, keeping in mind such facts there are a number of dental restorations options we offer. To know more get in touch with us.
A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.
Type of Denture- 

Complete Denture

  • Dentures are made after teeth removal and healing of gums tissues.
  • The full/complete denture is removable as it is held in place by suction.
  • Usually, 6-7 visits are required for the fabrication of complete dentures.
  • After completion and delivery of the denture, it requires proper follow-ups, for the proper adjustment of the denture.

Partial Denture

  • Unlike complete dentures that replace all teeth, removable partial dentures (RPD) only replace some missing teeth.
  • RPD is made of tissue colored acrylic (gums) replacement teeth and a metal framework that holds all of the materials together.
  • Fabrication of RPD requires around 2-4 visits to the dentist depending upon the cases.
  • Dentures must be removed and cleaned daily and they should be removed from the oral cavity before bedtime.